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Gonzo Fest Go.

Ladies and gentlemen, the artwork of Doc Hammer, one half of the dynamic duo behind the Venture Bros. And, little bit of trivia here–he’s the creator of the paper clip. No shit. For the full beauty, click here.

Did we mention he’s going to be there, along with his co-conspirator Jackson Publick? Did we mention we’re premiering a Venture Bros. episode? Did we mention we have more prizes than ever before? Did we mention you might want to freaking show up, because you’re going to hate it if you don’t, taking out your frustration on family members and pets? Yes, even plants? EVEN. INNOCENT. PLANTS.

So just be there and spare yourself that torment. Our torment’s always better. You know that.


  • An absolutely stunning piece of poster design. Wish Celeste and I could be there. Have to use this weekend to dig in and get the new house in shape.

  • In particular, I like the idea that the different characters in the background (on either side of the girl) start out illuminated and then turn darker the lower the audience gets on the Internet screen. “Until we all fall down, Amen.”