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DragonCon 2006: Crawling From the Ashes

Satan Meets Cthulhu

This is our obligatory DragonCon-is-over post.

This is not our thanks-post to everybody who made our Film Fest the best it’s ever been. Because then we’d have to thank Sam/Broadband for his badass widescreen screen which he brought from his private stash plus all the tech guys who stayed to take care of our mics and steal projectors for us and shit. Not to mention the fire marshal and the policemen who came in to help out when we were blocking the freaking escalators with our line. Their thanks will be coming.

This is not our thanks-post for all the special guests, which of course would include Doc Hammer (Demon King of All Poster Art) and Jackson Publick and their children the Venture Bros. And also Paul Dini, Misty Lee, Dana Snyder, Steve Troop, Adult Swim and scads of others. No, they’re going to get thanks later too.

So too are the various sponsors who sent us prizes to throw at your heads. Thanks are forthcoming.

This is not our thanks-post to all the people who waited in line to get in, waited even though we hit capacity in the ballroom and were patient while we stayed there for forever. Not to mention those of you who hung out, were cool, partied with us and left when you couldn’t hang any longer. Not to mention further those lunatics who stayed up all night.

Nor is this the post where we mention the podcasts that were recorded that we’re about to catch up on and post.

No, this is just a post to say we survived. And we hope you did too. And we’re happy as hell so many folks came out to get caffeinated with us. You’re all mad weasels and we love you dearly, you vicious bastards. Now that we’ve reached our last year of this incarnation of Gonzo, it’s important you know for certain who the hardcore is.

More soon. Coma first.


  • On behalf of the coffee swilling masses in Austin Texas, we return your Flying Eagle salute with regrets of non-attendance. Keep it Weired for those of use who are fringe-strange!

  • Best fest of ALL TIME!!! I cried all the the way to the bar. Laughed all the way to this post. Now I’m resolved. THANKS for the pains.

  • So I got a little out of control at DragonCon…

    I would like to take this chance to publicly appologize to the mayor and wish him a speedy recovery. His Honor has been most gracious and understanding and was willing to drop the assault charges in exchange for my support in the upcoming elections. In my defence I can only say that after 6 hours of steady drinking with no food, a 6 foot tall anthropomorphic cheeseburger looks pretty damn tasty…