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Hanging With the Hawking

Stephen Hawking Simpsons action figure

Just caught this: is your resume up to date? You a graduate student? You bright? Can you drive? Maybe you can hang with Stephen Hawking for a couple of years, being his assistant. Traveling all over the world, meeting dignitaries, and pretty much just getting to help out with our generation’s version of Einstein.

How freaking cool is that?

Then, once you get the job, I’ll publish the series of books you write about playing Watson to Hawking’s Holmes, and how the travels around the world are to fight crime and solve mysteries. You get the permission to do the books, you write them, I’ll do the rest. Deal? Deal.

Image of the Superhero Hawking figure from the Simpsons found at Altered States Mag.


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  • Hawkins is the one frickin figure I want from the Simpson World. He is so difficult to find. I think he is cooler than Mr. Burns. And I like Mr. Burns. I think his character is real reason the show goes on.

  • I so want to do this. Screw teaching. THIS is my destiny! My calling! I could be Hawking’s enforcer! DUDE. I’d be so GOOD at this! (of course, really, we all would. we should tag-team)