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Well, it’s middle of September, which means any minute now the Xmas decorations are going to start piling up at your local malls and such. So I’ve mentioned this on the Gabfest, mentioned in our newsletter, and now I mention it here for anybody I missed: when you buy stuff from Amazon through us, we get kickbacks. Kickbacks = funding for our world conquest.

I mean, seriously, do you know how much money it costs to train and staff the ninja death squads we have standing by?

So when you start shopping for Xmas gifts, or birthday, or anniversary, or Arbor Day, or hell–whatever: bookmark this and use it. We thank you.

And…we’ll be putting various and sundry bits up there you should definitely check out. Right now we’ve got some amigos from DragonCon and their products up there. So you not only give us love, but you give them love too. Love all around. Sorta kind of like an orgy. But less messy.