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Weekend Justice for 9/9: DVD Cover Art and Clicky Link Things

Here’s the second half of what we covered in our 9/9 Weekend Justice. All DVDs.

Adverse Video of the Week: Scorpius Gigantus. (Buena Vista)

Animation DVD of the Week: Broken Saints: The Complete Series. (Fox)

Brit DVD of the Week: All Creatures Great and Small: The Complete Series 6 Collection. (BBC)

Classic Cartoon DVD of the Week: Hong Kong Phooey: The Complete Series. For more information, check out the official site here. (Warner Brothers)

DVD of the Week: Radioland Murders. (Universal)

Family DVD of the Week: The Shaggy Dog. (Disney)

DVD for Girls of the Week: Bring it On: All or Nothing (Universal)

Music DVD of the Week: Soweto Gospel Choir: Blessed (Acorn Media)

Noir DVD of the Week: Double Indemnity (Universal)

TV DVD of the Week: Pretender: The Complete Fourth Season (Fox)

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