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Lost Disney Art in Japan

Lost Disney Art from Japan

Wish I could have caught this. Or at least gotten one of the books covering the exhibit. Cartoon Brew clues us into a Disney exhibit that was held (and just closed this past weekend) at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. The centerpiece bits were two hundred items loaned to a Japanese museum in the 60s, which were lost until recently.

For the full skinnee, check out the Cartoon Brew article, or if you can read Japanese, the exhibit’s site is here.

Update: Unfortunately, the exhibition page now simply redirects to the Disney Japan main page. And trying to go back to the Cartoon Brew article I originally linked to gives me nothing…can’t seem to find it. However, poking around a bit on the Cartoon Brew site leads me to this report and this blog where they show the exhibition’s book and a couple of page-scans. The book does not appear to be available anywhere…not even on eBay. So.

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