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Now You’re Barbecuing With Energy (Drinks)

Cooking With Energy Drinks

We cannot tell you how impressed we are with the folks at the BevNet BevBlog. Why? Because we like how their minds work: they decided to cook with energy drinks, spawning “energy drink can chicken.” Check this out:
For the BBQ sauce, we decided to try Red Bull for one variety and Steaz Organic Energy Fuel for the other. We chose Red Bull because, well, we were curious what it would be like to cook with Red Bull. Steaz, on the other hand, was selected because it has a more natural flavor and kick than the other varieties. And we were off and running…

Indeed they were. If you’d like to see what became of their alchemical concoctions (and get their recipe), read the whole thing here.

The scientific community’s reaction was somewhat less enthusiastic than ours:

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