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Rare Documents eBay Auction From Hell

Alexander Autographs Inc. has a live auction coming up with all kinds of crazy stuff up for bid.

Some high points are a handwritten letter from Hitler, original artwork from Jimi Hendrix, a signed card by Annie Oakley, signed documents by Ferdinand and Isabella, and a crapload more.

You can see the whole thing here.

I would have posted a picture here of the Civil War body hook that was fashioned out of a bayonet and used to move corpses around, but they invoke the DMCA and basically threaten to come and burn your house down and sow the ground with salt if you dare to use one of their pictures to promote them. So instead here’s a random pic of a ghost crab taken from here. I would have just bloody well left enough alone after seeing the DMCA threat, but the auctions had too much cool stuff to resist posting. So.