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AlexCF’s Deep Sea Delicacies

AlexCF Fish Case

Alex CF is a creator of strange curiosities of a bygone era that never existed and makes many a geek consider grand larceny. He has once again brought forth something from the depths of his imagination and from the depths of the ocean. Three examples of deep sea life have been lovingly presented in a hand made wood and glass case. Truly a cut above Big Mouth Billy Bass. It is now available for bidding at the venerable firm of Ebay. Also check out his website for more of his odd object d’art.

I must tell you, Alex says these are samples from the HMS Nautilus during a research expedition in 1860. Normally, this would be a just be a nice bit of back-story. However, I was visited by a detective named Thursday Next who represented something called Jurisfiction. She was conducting ‘routine inquiries’ into illegal export of items from the Bookworld to what we call Reality. She mentioned Alex’s previous work: the exploration case used by Professor Challenger, a bio aetheric lab suspiciously like Dr. Frankenstein’s, and several specimen jars from Miskatonic University as well as an exploration box from their Antarctic expedition. I told her that Alex’s creations are all handmade and are sometimes inspired by fiction. This seemed to be good enough for her, but the conversation left me wondering if she was right.

But don’t tell me. What I don’t know I don’t have to testify to later.