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Dr. Belacleese’s Portable Bio-Aetheric Laboratory

Dr. Belacleese's Portable Bio-Aetheric Laboratory by AlexCF

AlexCF is an absolute madman. And he’s a sadist. He keeps hurting us over and over again with Really Cool Shit that makes us geekgasm until we pass out. For example:

Exhibit A: The Lovecraftia explorer box.

Exhibit 2: The Necropathic Spectregraph.

And countless other things you can find at his site.

But now he’s really taken things to the extreme with a bio-reanimation lab in a suitcase. Check it out after the jump:

The portable Bio aetheric laboratory was the property of one Thadeus Belacleese, ex surgeon to the crown, stricken from his workplace after a series of malevolent experiments were uncovered. Driven by a passion like no other, he scoured the streets for the homeless and the wretched – taking their birth given life and returning it to them via his own dreadful means.

That’s a monkey arm there in the case. And it moves. Check this out:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

That is absolutely nuts. Go see a slew of photos of it here. And I want one. Really, really badly. So much so that instead of banking this post for October/Halloween, I had to post it immediately. I’m so easy.

Found via Brass Goggles.