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The Lost World Exploration Case by AlexCF

Lost World case by AlexCF

AlexCF, that mad genius who keeps making replicas and props and things (all of which make me cry my geek heart to sleep at night because I got no dinero to bid on his goods) is at it again. Mercilessly he creates wicked shit and then dangles out in front of the the whole internet. And we, masochists that we are, wouldn’t have it any other way.

This time out he’s tackling Professor Challenger from The Lost World. No, this is the Arthur Conan Doyle Lost World not the craptastic Spielberg sequel. It’s a case from where Challenger ascended to a plateau in the rainforest where dinosaurs still lived. The case was found in 1951.

The list of what’s in the case is formidable (as you might expect), but a brief sampling of the bits follows:

  • The taxidermied corpse of an infant bipedal carnivore, now identified as the species “deinonychus”, the creature displays a downy covering of “proto feathers” – dinosaurs being the precursor to modern birds
  • A large piece of the egg shell which was found with this specimen
  • The wing of an infant Pteranodon. preserved and displayed/labelled in the lid of the box

That’s right: the pic you see there is a taxidermied dinosaur corpse. How freaking cool is that? Click here to go to the auction. Save your pennies. God knows when this scoundrel will create again…

Update: Auction is sadly long gone.