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AlexCF’s Martian Plant: The Mean Green Mother, Indeed

AlexCF's Martian Botanical Preservation Device

Jesus Christ, when does the man ever sleep? AlexCF returns and this he’s bringing you your very own Audrey II replica in a case:

This specific preservation device contains a juvenile “carnivorus muscipula” a flesh eating plant which can grow to 20 feet in height. At this size they draw their nutrients from the soil, which is kept rich by the device. If kept in a controlled environment the plant will never need feeding flesh as a form of sustenance.

No word for when the final product will go up for auction. AlexCF also goes on to point out that Levi Stubbs’ vocal work is not included and if you do let it out of its environment, he can’t be held responsible if what I’ve placed after the break comes to pass…

The original ending to Frank OzLittle Shop:

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