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Celebrating Ten Years of Insomnia

Chazz says "10"

Chazz is absolutely right. The URL was first registered in 1998. It is now 2008. And even I, the English Major, know enough maths to figure out that’s an excuse for a year-long party. (As if we need a lot of help with that–after all, we stretched out Halloween for over a month and Christmas for nearly a fortnight.) We have decreed that 2008 will be The Year of Kicking Ass, even if the only asses we kick wind up being our own.

More details as we invent them. Back to your depressants and/or stimulants of choice. We just wanted to strike while the iron was hot, so to speak. We’ll try and have some hangover-friendly content up shortly for when you come back to your senses. Happy new year, everybody. And happy freaking birthday to us. Siege is going to light ten random things on fire, Dindrane will rush in with the fire extinguisher, and then we’ll all make a wish.

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