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The Year in Review: 2007

Reached the bottom of the 2007 mug

Jesus Christ, it’s been a big year. We’ve laid the foundation for some stuff that will hopefully start paying off in 2008. Expect to see announcements about that very soon.

We’ve made some huge changes. We launched two new sites, The Daily Kicksplode and Colors Are Overrated. One caters to the lovers of mindless violence and being punched in the nose and the other is for people who have an appreciation of the color black. Do give them a peek, would you?

Also, we’ve moved Needcoffee to its own server. This is a huge step because now we can have control over everything and run whatever we want on the site without fear of bogging down our 1/1345th of a server we were on previously. So we’ve tried to add some functionality to things and bring back features (like comments) that had gone the way of all flesh because we simply didn’t have the horsepower previously. As always, I appreciate any feedback on these crazy things that we’re doing and even if I don’t respond personally (because my inbox hovers at around 4000 e-mails on any given day) I do read every e-mail I get and anything constructive is duly noted. And just for the record, I know you probably think what I think when you hear somebody say that they read every e-mail (“Yeah, right”) but honest. No shit. I do. Why do you think I always look so frigging tired?

Anyway, as I said, 2007 was laying the groundwork for some other stuff. 2008 will be even better. Seriously, thanks to everybody who helped make this a great (or at least survivable) year for Needcoffee. Thanks to everyone who supported us by buying stuff through the site and thanks to everybody who linked us from their own sites. Both actions are not only helpful but prove you to be people operating from a wealth of intelligence, not to mention good taste. I don’t know where all of you maniacs come from, but I’m glad you’re here and I have no idea why we haven’t scared you away yet. We promise to be even more frightening in the new year.

And now, let’s take a look at the year that was. Starting with the Most Popular Non-Contest Posts of Each Month.













And for all of 2007, the five most popular non-contest posts were:

Image from Damon Hart-Davis.