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Good Omens Dreamcast Mark II

Good Omens book cover art

Howdy folks. The DreamCasts are re-opening for business. We’re starting with what it is, without a doubt, our most popular DreamCast ever: the Terry Gilliam-directed adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s classic “What if Monty Python did The Omen?” novel, Good Omens.

Now, we’re doing this a bit differently. We were sitting around Needcoffee HQ, and I was snorting ground espresso beans, when it struck me what we’ve been doing wrong this entire time. That’s right…it’s a DreamCast for Buddha’s sake! Go ahead and dream like maniacs!

So now every updated DreamCast will be two–two–two DreamCasts in one. You get the cast we would advocate if the project were to be shot today. Then you get the cast we would have on hand if we could go to any time period and, like some kind of casting version of The Monitor from Crisis on Infinite Earths, pluck any actor at any point in the timestream.

We’ve gone apeshit, in other words.

So here’s the cast. Sadly, because comment spam bastards circle this site looking for chinks in our armor, we can’t open up comments. Because if we did, the site would blow up. Instead, we’ll have to direct you to the Gabfest if you want to give feedback. Or widge sucks at need coffee dot com.

So, as always, if you haven’t read the original novel, click over to Amazon and buy it. You’ll be glad you did.

Both casts appear after the break. The explanations for all this appear here.

Role DreamCast Ultimate DreamCast

Aziraphale Gary Oldman Alec Guinness, circa Kind Hearts
Crowley Alan Rickman Peter Sellers, circa Strangelove
Newton Pulsifer Jamie Bell Noah Taylor, circa Flirting
Anathema Device Stephanie Leonidas Kate Beckinsale, pre-Cold Comfort Farm
Shadwell Derek Jacobi Peter O’Toole, circa My Favorite Year
Hastur Malcolm McDowell Peter Cushing, early 70s
Ligur Rowan Atkinson Marty Feldman
DEATH CGI creation CGI creation
Scarlett/War Eva Green Joanne Whalley, circa Willow
Dr. Raven Sable/Famine Jonathan Pryce Jonathan Pryce
Mr. White/Pollution Jonathan Rhys-Meyers David Bowie, circa Man Who Fell to Earth
Agnes Nutter Maggie Smith Maggie Smith
Metatron John Cleese Peter Cook
Madame Tracy Joanna Lumley Eileen Atkins, circa Cold Comfort Farm
Sister Mary Loquacious Julia Sawalha Julia Sawalha
Sister Grace Voluble Julie Andrews Joan Hickson
Mr. Tyler Richard Briers Victor Spinetti, circa Help!
Mr. Young Michael Palin Michael Palin
A delivery man Rik Mayall Tony Robinson, circa early Blackadder
Them unknowns unknowns

Directed by Terry Gilliam

This DreamCast was brought to you by Cat, Cosette, Ez, Ken and Widge.

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  • I’d say Johnny Depp for Crowley (though I do like the Alan Rickman idea…) and may I suggest Robert Sean Leonard for Aziraphale? You can’t tell me you’ve ever watched House and not seen the similarities between his Wilson character and that of Aziraphale :p

  • First half of my comment disappeared!

    recap: Rickman should play both Crowley and Aziraphale.
    Alternatively, Kyle MacLachlan for Crowley.

  • I love it but for one thing. While I am a huuuuge fan of Alan Rickman I’d like to see David Bowie as Crowley. He just seems more… erm… Slick? Plus his voice is a bit more flexible to allow for Crowley’s occasionally teasing manner. Maybe Rickman as the voice of Death?