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JCPenney Catalog: The Style Time Capsule From Hell

JCPenney Catalog, 1977.  WTF.

Johnny Virgil over at 15 Minute Lunch was installing an exhaust fan for his grandfather-in-law when lo and behold, like something out of a horror movie, he found something that had been hidden under the insulation. Hidden, no doubt, for the good of mankind. But because Johnny runs a blog, he decided to share this horror with the rest of us: selections from a 1977 JCPenney catalog.

Regarding the pic I’ve posted here, Johnny says:

Dear god in heaven, I don’t believe that color exists in nature. There is NO excuse for wearing either of these ensembles unless you’re working as a body guard for the Lucky Charms leprechaun.

Yes, “Anemic Emerald” was very popular back then, wasn’t it? Thank God I had those memories of checkered plaid pants burned from my memory by ECT.

Sent my direction by HTQ4.