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Attention MST3K Fans: Certain Sets Are Going Out of Print

Mystery Science Theater 3000, Vol. 1 DVD

Okay, denizens of the Satellite of Love, be warned: apparently Volume 1 of the MST3K Collection is now out of print since Rhino no longer has the rights to the four films featured on it. So the copies that are out there are it–if you don’t have it, you want to snag it.

In addition, Vol. 3 will be going out of print in March because two of the films on there will have the rights revert as well. So snag it from Amazon as well while the snagging’s good.

Either would make a great Xmas gift for a fan of the show, especially when you can say of Volume 1 “…and it’s out of print, too.” That’s when they really think your gift fu is strong.

Message received from Satellite News.