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Zombie Hot Sauce: Send Some to Your Aunt Alicia

Fleshfeast 2 Hot Sauce

Why didn’t we think of this? Zombie-themed hot sauces! Brilliant! They have a Fleshfeast trilogy of hot sauces plus a green hot sauce called Ghoul Drool. There’s also spices known as the Bone Shaker blend. You can even buy the whole lot in a cedar coffin packed with Spanish moss and with some maggots thrown in the mix! Frea-king wicked.

I wish I had found this ahead of time. I could have used some extra hot sauce to keep me awake during the majority of Orgy of the Dead. Jesus, what a terrible flick. I’ve never been so bored with ninety minutes of topless women in my entire life.

I digress.

Check out the hot sauces and more at Found via Boing Boing.