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Stuff: New Actors Playing Peter Parker, Jung and Freud – But Not in the Same Film, Mind You

Andrew Garfield

There’s a lot of entertainment news going on. You honestly don’t need to know most of it. And the bits you do need to know, you don’t need to know that instant. Rather than write up a bunch of individual posts you have to read, here’s one post with everything. Boom. Done. Enjoy.

  • Amazon’s deal of the day is for both seasons of Flight of the Conchords plus a CD for $26.99, which is 55% off the normal price. Today only and while stocks last. So. There you have it. Find that here.
  • When you hear that Cronenberg is directing Viggo Mortensen in a film called A Dangerous Method, you’re probably not guessing what comes next: that it’s a love triangle featuring Jung and Freud as characters. If you want to see Mortensen and Michael Fassbender as Freud and Jung, check out the pics here. Also in the film are Keira Knightley and Vincent Cassel. It’s due out next year.
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  • Did the Heritage version of Dr. Pepper crank your tractor? Check your grocery. A “made with real sugar” variation is rolling out this weekend through September. I have no idea why companies aren’t offering both versions of their drinks. It boggles my mind that there’s such a demand for real sugar products but they’re pussyfooting around about releasing what I call “Prime” versions. Bah. Source.
  • Andrew Garfield is Peter Parker. This is the new reboot of Spider-Man that hits July 3, 2012. It will be in 3D, just like everything else. I don’t know what it’s like in your cinemas, but here even the commercials before the movie are starting to be in 3D. Criminy. If Garfield’s name doesn’t ring a bell, check out Dr. Parnassus.
  • Starbucks has expanded upon their Via instant coffee product to create an iced coffee variation that dissolves in cold water. $5.95 gets you a five-pack of the stuff. I had a chance to try some the other day but misunderstood and thought it was the original version, so passed it up. If you give it a shot, let us know what you think. Source.

    Home Video Announcements

  • Evil Dead is hitting Blu-Ray from Anchor Bay August 31st. Two new transfers plus a new commentary that includes Raimi, The Bruce and producer Robert Tapert. Nice. Pre-order it here.
  • The Simpsons‘ thirteenth season is hitting DVD and Blu-Ray on August 24th. They’re apparently selling a molded head version at Comic-Con, so if you want a DVD case that won’t stand up on your shelf, make sure to head to San Diego. The rest of us sane people can pre-order the DVD here or the Blu-Ray here.