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Axl Rose vs. Dr. Pepper: The Saga Continues

Dr. Pepper logo

The Chinese Democracy saga continues. And is actually more entertaining than the album. So that’s something. Anyway, Axl Rose wants an apology from Dr. Pepper, since more people were interested in their free Dr. Pepper than in obtaining the album.

Wait, I got confused. They want an apology, in the form of a full-page ad in the New York Times, that Dr. Pepper was unable to deliver on their promise of a free Dr. Pepper for everybody in America because the vast teeming numbers blew out the Dr. Pepper website trying to get theirs.

BevBlog puts it best, in what might be the Paragraph of the Week: “While this is probably an instance of Rose trying to milk more publicity for his album, it must sting to be called an ‘appalling failure’ by a man who took 14 years to assemble 14 tracks.” Brilliant.

[ad#longpost]This along with a report in the Register that they were calling Dr. Pepper’s promise/deal an infringement on Rose, and an unauthorized publicity stunt.

All I can say is this is going to be the best VH-1 special ever.

Please note:

This post does not in any way constitute an endorsement of Axl Rose or an unauthorized attempt to use him as a promotional gimmick without his permission.

Mostly because even though a lawsuit from one such as Axl Rose would be great publicity, we don’t want to be seen as finding Axl Rose as relevant enough to be promotion-worthy, even in jest.