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Rockstar Roasted Mocha – Drink Review

Rockstar Roasted Mocha

There’s very little I can say about this. Amazingly, there’s sucralose in this but I can’t taste it. So that’s saying something. However, you can slap as many “Coffee & Energy” and “Premium Blended” and “Cream & Coffee” and whatnot you want on the can. It can have ginseng and gingko biloba and guarana and milk thistle, even.

But that doesn’t stop this from tasting like every single other mocha coffee drink, canned or bottled, that’s out there right now. As far as the caffeine content goes, it’s 240mg for the entire can per the thing’s ingredients. But that’s a drop in the ocean for me. So buzzwise, it might do you. But tastewise, it won’t thrill.



  • So, who in the ATL has a decent assortment of this kind of stuff? I haven’t seen the Roasteds anywhere, but I tried plain ole Rockstar recently and it was… describably bad. :) I’m thinking for a coffee drinker the Roasteds might be the gateway buzz I need.

  • I love the taste of the regular rockstar. I’m trying to get an idea on the taste… I find this review inadequate. I don’t know how every other can mocha drink tastes.. does it taste good or bad? Sweet or bitter? You lack a real review here buddy.

  • I wrote as much of a review as I felt the drink deserved. If that doesn’t work for you, then there’s plenty of other websites who could probably help you out…buddy.