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My Coffee is Talking to Me (Again)

Coffee stencil

A couple of coffee-related nifty crafty bits for you. I found this coffee stencil Etsy site. Granted, a lot of them they have on there are the last bits of news you’d ever want delivered by a cup of coffee. Over a cup of coffee by the person handing you the cup, maybe. But do you really want to be greeted in the morning by chocolate bits sprinkled over your coffee announcing “I’m pregnant!” No, you really don’t. Especially if you’re a woman and your husband has handed you the cup, because that just raises all sorts of questions.

Questions like the one raised by the stencil in the pic there. “Just coffee?” That’s a provocative question, isn’t it? Is the follow-up question “Could I interest you in a side order of wild sex?” I wonder these things. Stencils can be found here; I found them at Blog Giveaways.

Cosette also found a sewing pattern for caffeine and water. Also very nice. The building blocks of life, really. I think an espresso shot was struck by lightning and thus life was born. Question, though: who was the Prime Barista? This is why I never sleep. I can’t stop asking questions like that. Found at Craftzine.



  • Clever! So another application for the Just Coffee? stencil: make the mate a bit paranoid on those mornings after an argument, or the boss the day after he ranted over something.