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Big Mike And His Kingsized Music

Okay, so here’s my story. Before Atlanta SuperCon, Dana “El Snyde” Snyder brought up–again–that there was this amazing band that played every Thursday night down at Trader Vic’s here in Atlanta. In that incarnation, Tongo Hiti, they start off as a regular tiki type band, he said, but then as the night progresses they evolve into this weird amalgam of tiki, 80s covers and metal. And, he boasted, they perform a version of “Pinball Wizard” set to the tune of “Folsom Prison Blues.”

I know, your mind might need to work on that for a minute, but trust me: it works. Dana was right about everything. In fact, he may have undersold them.

The band is Big Mike Geier and Kingsized. Here he is on MySpace. They are so smooth they are almost frictionless. In addition to the Who/Johnny Cash mashup, they performed “Come Sail Away” by Styx as though Mike were singing to bring down Jesus. They also performed a metal version of “My Heart Will Go On.” It was ridiculous.

As I was thinking back on that night with fond memories of badass live music, I pondered: surely there must be some YouTube goodies of Big Mike and company. Sure enough, here you go–it’s Big Mike with the full fury of Kingsized behind him:

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And just in case that wasn’t enough, here he is with the Dames Aflame Dancers doing a bit of Bond music. Sweet.

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