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Prince of Darkness: In Search of Saint Goddard’s

The real Saint Goddard's from Prince of Darkness

Update: The Horror Channel links in the post don’t work anymore and the articles don’t appear to be extant on their website. This is a damn shame because they were great articles. So I’ve replaced them with their corresponding links on the Web Archive. The pictures no longer work but you at least get the benefit of the words. Just FYI.

So here I am watching Prince of Darkness, the eighth stop of my whirlwind horror revue for the weekend, and I thought: wouldn’t it be cool to go and visit Saint Goddard’s, the church that had a vial of Satan in the basement? Cosette found that our friends at the Horror Channel were already way ahead of me.

In this article, they talk about every single place shown in the film–including Goddard’s. It’s now an arts center that looks pretty much the same. Check out the pic snippet there with the banners up and try to imagine the big ass hooded figure walking out from beneath them. Wicked.

There’s other films they’ve given this extensive treatment for. Check out the full list here.


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