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Contests Are Back: Win UltraManiac on DVD

Yes, we’ve got our Contests Lab up and going again. What happened?

Well, contest spam. We were getting buried in fake entries, so that we spent all of our time trying to run down real people who had won. And we also had to sift through all the multiple entries to get to a real person who had actually followed the rules. So we went silent running, handed out the prizes we had to go out (which took forever, since we had so many people who apparently weren’t real), and re-did the contests.

Now they’re on their own WordPress page, so they’re more integrated with the site. And we’ve altered some rules to make them easier to manage without us getting overwhelmed if somebody tries to spam us again. First, most contests run for two weeks unless otherwise stated. And you can now, based on user feedback, enter more than once. In fact, you can enter once everyday if you feel like it. However, if you try to overwhelm us with eight entries a day (which is what some of you evil bastards were doing), we’ll throw out all your entries and disqualify you. So if you want to play multiples, you do it by our rules.

So give it a shot. If you run into bugs, let me know.