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TED: John Q. Walker And His Ghost Piano

Yet another reason to keep up with cool bits that they are constantly posting on TED is this presentation/performance, in which a 1955 performance by Glenn Gould is broken down into data and then re-interpreted by the 21st Century equivalent of a player piano. So you’re basically as close to being at Gould’s actual performance as you can manage without a time machine.

Be warned: Walker does laugh like Ernie.

Just bear in mind that your grandchildren will be using this same technology to recreate legendary performances of Rock Band. Kick that around in your brain pan for a while, huh?

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  • I have a pair of Shure top of the line 530 earphones. I was listening to the Goldberg variations when I heard this background inconsistent humming. I realized that it was Glenn humming through parts of his piano playing. That was the coolest discovery in using the Shures.

    That should be the number one thing Shure should tout. “With these babies you can hear Glenn Gould Hum.”