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Headsup: Thrillers from Columbia/Tristar

Anatomy 2. Joachim is an ambitious driven medical intern full of idealism and disregard for bureaucracy. This draws the attention of Dr. Müller-LaRousse, the head innovator of the hospital. He and his little clique of medical acolytes invite Joachim into their special research. The main project is developing artificial muscles which will make you stronger, faster, better. The research group is so enthusiastic about their project that they implant the muscles in themselves. Now the students are busy shooting up with whatever meds they can get their hands on to counter the massive amounts of pain. They are also killing anyone who wants to expose their independent study project. If the project fails, it will destroy more than their GPA, it could destroy their lives. This German medical thriller comes with a commentary from the director and the cast, deleted scenes that come with commentary from the director, a making of featurette, a gallery of photos and production artwork, filmographies, screen tests, and trailers.

The Net: Special Edition. One of the first movies to feature the Internet gets a new treatment in this special edition DVD. Since this movie was released by Columbia, we have even more data online and more powerful tools to use it, but it’s still run by people with all their faults and foibles. The story of Angela Bennett, played by Sandra Bullock, who suffers the ultimate in identity theft after stumbling into an online conspiracy, still has relevance with our continued and deepening reliance on the Internet. The disc comes with an exclusive featurette detailing the progress of the film from initial development to filming, a behind the scenes featurette from HBO, one commentary from director Irwin Winkler and producer Rob Cowan and one from screenwriters John Brancato and Michael Ferris, with a sprinkling of filmographies, trailers, and production notes. Good to check out to see how far the Internet has come and the problems that are still out there.

Trapped. Kevin Bacon adds more degrees as the leader of a gang of very successful kidnappers. With Courtney Love playing the Bonnie to Bacon’s Clyde, their plan is to grab a couple’s child and keep the couple isolated and apart for complete control of the situation. Their latest victims are Karen and Will Jennings (Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend). Things start sliding out of control when the kidnappers find out that the daughter Abby, played by Moppet of the Moment Dakota Fanning, has severe asthma. And the parents aren’t the pushovers their previous victims were. So tensions are high with a fortune in cash and a child’s life in the balance, who will end up with the upper hand? This release comes with not one but two commentary tracks, one by the director Luis Mandoki and one by the screenwriter Greg Iles. There are also five deleted scenes, an alternate ending, and the usual cast filmographies and trailers.