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Stuff You Need to Know: You Can Gladly Pay Amazon Tuesday For a Hamburger Today

  • Well, this is interesting. Apparently there’s enough people that don’t like paying with a credit card online that Amazon has started up something new called “Bill Me Later.” The Amazon Associates Blog didn’t list a lot of info but if you clickthrough you see that it’s pretty much what you would expect: you enter some info, you get billed for your Amazon purchase (it must be from Amazon and not another seller through Amazon) and you can either pay in full or pay over time (with finance charges, of course). The one thing they do have that looks interesting is $10 off of $50 when you use the code BMLSAVES at checkout. That’s good through the 21st. So if there was something over $50 that you wanted to snag from Amazon, um, be our guest. And let us know how you like the new service. (That being said–if you’re going to get something using this service, do us a favor and use it responsibly. We like getting kickbacks, sure, but we also like happy not drowning in debt readers. Remember: credit and caffeine…overdose on neither.)
  • Hed PE and Dr. Acula are playing here tomorrow night. I mean in Atlanta. Not at my desk. Don’t know that I’ll leave the Cave for it, but Hed PE is what would happen if The Urge and Fishbone got into a fight with construction equipment. Very cool. Dr. Acula‘s music isn’t really my bag, but they get points when you consider that “All of their songs are named after books in R.L. Stine’s GOOSEBUMPS series.” How is that not endearing?
  • The late Mitch Hedberg has a third album coming out from Comedy Central Records: Do You Believe in Gosh? hits on September 9th. It’s forty minutes of new material plus three prank calls from Crank Yankers. It was apparently a work in progress for Hedberg at the time of his death. Not available for pre-order yet. I’ll try and keep you posted.
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  • Paramount has dropped out of a deal with Deutsche Bank for 25% of their overall film budget, or US$450 million. Is this going to affect anything? I don’t think so. I merely mention it here because all the media outlets are going to make a lot of hay about it. Just remember what Brian Blessed said: “PETROL!! WE’RE RUNNING OUT!!!!!”
  • If Tropic Thunder wasn’t sick enough, they’ve gone and created a Hearts of Darkness-esque mockumentary site: Rain of Madness. Now that’s smart marketing.
  • Warner Brothers is releasing Eraser, Every Which Way But Loose, Gauntlet, Outbreak, Under Siege 2 on Blu-Ray September 2nd. That’s right. Clyde in HD. They’re not available for pre-order yet, and I know you’re chomping at the bit for Seagal HD. Also, All Mine to Give, Blossoms in the Dust, Holiday Affair with Janet Leigh and Robert Mitchum, and It Happened on 5th Avenue are hitting DVD as the Warner Bros. Classic Holiday Collection Vol. 2. Blossoms is exclusive to the boxed set–the rest are available individually.
  • Showtime and The Weinstein Company have signed a seven-year film distribution deal. This kicks off in 2009 and includes Nine (did you know Kate Hudson joined the cast–because Kate Hudson joined the cast) and the long sought after Inglorious Bastards. You really don’t need to know anything else in this press release–except the other titles they mentioned: a remake of Seven Samurai which they incorrectly call Seventh Samurai (unless that’s the remake’s title), the remake of Scanners, and The Six Billion Dollar Man, which used to be at Universal. I’ll see if I can’t write up a short history post on that one shortly. Oh, and also? Scream 4 and Piranha 3D. Scream 4 has been talked about since 2000, when Miramax snagged the URLs for and, which they don’t own any longer. Neither does Weinstein Company. But we knew it was coming. And so did you.
    Werewolf Women of the SS

  • Werewolf Women of the SS is going to be made into a comic, so says Rob Zombie, though there’s no details at present. That was the Zombie-spawned fake trailer from Grindhouse, the saddest film in the world because people talk more about the trailers for the fake movies from it than they do about the real movie that was hosting them. io9 pines for that or Thanksgiving to be a comic, but you know what? Not to come up with a better idea, but here’s a better idea: Grindhouse Presents, an online anthology series where all four fake films can be played around with. Because once you get those two, you better sure as hell make room for Machete and then you don’t want Edgar Wright feeling left out so fuck it, Don’t comes into play as well. Imagine: an online comic anthology that’s produced by Zombie, Roth, Robert Rodriguez and Wright. I write for cheap. Make sure you tell them.
  • The aforementioned Xbox 360 price drop has happened. Snag your 20GB model for $300 at Amazon, down $50. Headsup from Dealhack.
  • If I remember correctly, the last time I saw Zing! the Catapult Spoon it was just a concept piece. But now Neatorama tells us it’s for sale and destined to do damage somewhere. We’re not the expert on spoons. We leave that to someone who is:
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