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Brian Blessed Crushes “Have I Got News For You” in a Single Fist

Okay, friends. I know we post a lot of vids on this site. Because a lot of things are funny. But this…this will change your life. Yes, yes, I know it’s an entire episode and runs over a half-hour. Just watch it before it gets taken down. Please. I’ve even slapped them all into a single playlist so you can watch it more conveniently. NSFW for some language and the fact that Brian Blessed is Extremely Fucking Loud.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Update: For those of you who enjoy this, you might want to check out the other brilliant guest host for Have I Got News For You, Boris Johnson. We posted his performance here when we announced we were backing him for U.S. president.


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  • Eamon: It is amazing, isn’t it? Blessed is a genius. If you liked that, make sure you check out Boris Johnson hosting…it’s a similar kind of mayhem but not quite as loud. :)

    I think I’ll add that to the post, actually. Thanks for the reminder.