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Stuff: The Latest on Cirque Saturation


  • So: Amazon…did you see they’re doing a two-for-one horror sale? I don’t know about you, but some of these aren’t bad, especially the Ultimate Edition of Dawn of the Dead (must-own, I’m serious about that–classic trailer here), which is the most expensive must-own on there. You can pair that and get Day of the Dead (Japanese trailer here) for free, Demons (previously mentioned and with trailers here) for free, or the Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn Book of the Dead edition for free. Anyway, regardless, lots of good titles on there. FYI.
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  • How’s business at Cirque du Soleil? Apparently pretty goddamn good, thanks for asking. Variety reports that they’re opening three new shows this fall within about five weeks of each other: Criss Angel Believe at the Luxor in Vegas opens September 12th with Angel on board; Zaia opens August 28th at the Venetian Macao Hotel in China; and Zed at Tokyo Disney on October 1st. Sadly, Zed is not about zombies. It is about the Tarot instead. Cost for all three shows? $500 million. Damn.
  • I found the Amazon sale above because Fox has announced some new titles. First up, horror on Blu-Ray. The original The Omen, The Omen Collection, Night Watch and Day Watch. They’re all due out September 9th. Also, the fifth Charlie Chan volume is out September 16th.
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent is trading Chris Noth for Jeff Goldblum. Watch the double-sized first episode of their eighth season in which D’Onofrio and Goldblum have a quirk-off.
  • Red Sonja is getting the remake treatment with Rose McGowan as Sonja. Yawn, except that Robert Rodriguez is among the producers. Douglas Aarniokoski is directing, and his last theatrical gig was Highlander: Endgame. The article lists David White as scribing, which the IMDB expands to David N. White, and his last gig was Undisputed 2. It’s not automatically a worry, I’d like to point out, that these guys don’t have a lot of big credits under their belts. I’d like to remind everybody that people with big credits put out shit movies all the time. So all bets are off, I guess.
  • Can I get a Hell Yes? Tarsem, who was last seen directing the worthy The Fall, is attached to helm War of Gods, “a mythological tale set in war-torn ancient Greece, as the young warrior prince Theseus leads his men in a battle against evil that will see the gods fighting with soldiers against demons and titans.” I’m sorry, maybe you didn’t catch that: TARSEM IS DIRECTING A FILM IN WHICH GODS, HUMANS, TITANS AND DEMONS FIGHT. The mind staggers under the burden of trying to envision that. The article also said that Clash of the Titans is getting remade, but yawn. Mythological cage match for the win.
  • Warner Brothers announced that their Gangsters Collection Volume 4 DVD release, featuring more films with Edward G. Robinson and Bogart, has gotten moved to October 20th. It was originally September 26th.
  • Hollywood Reporter says to expect the 20GB Xbox 360 to drop $50, probably before E3, which is July 14-17. So if you’ve been holding out, there’s your link to watch.
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