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Sup, G?

In a kaiju film named G that looks like a slice of fried gold, a giant monster menaces Japan only to be confronted by a steampunk metal giant that makes Gigantor look positively 23rd Century. Neither Twitch nor io9 seem certain whether it’s a real indie monster movie or just a fan-made trailer, but regardless, we want it.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Update: Reader Keith gave us a link with the full scoop. Many thanks.


  • I say Japanese made indie trailer. I mean, yeah, for an indie trailer it looked awesome, but even for a low budget sci-fi Japanese flick, that looked bad. And the acting in Japanese wasn’t standard Japanese acting. I could be wrong, but I say indie. Also, at the end it said it’d be out fall 2007. I wish they’d given a website . . .

  • Oh, and by the by, it’s called G Project “G purojekuto.” If that helps somebody to find it . . .

  • “G” is an independent movie made by Kiyotaka Taguchi, an FX artist who has worked on the recent Godzilla films from GMK to FINAL WARS plus BATTLE ROYALE II, SINKING OF JAPAN, and THE GRUDGE 2.

    Taguchi has provided SciFi Japan with an exclusive look at G that includes story details, cast and crew information, behind the scenes photos, promotional art, and dozens of screen shots from the film.