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Ministry Bulletin: Carmen Electra Wants You To Get Sweaty

We are constantly told that we need to get up our lazy asses and work out. That we need to exercise to be healthy, to lose weight, and to be able to go upstairs without getting winded. I get it from my grandmother all the time. And it’s not just grandmotherly concern, she has a Master’s in Health Education. And she got very good grades.

But deep down, we all know the real reason we jog that extra lap or work that extra set of crunches. We want to look good so we can have sex with other good looking people. Exercise can also prepare you when you get to have sex with that other person. Or persons. Improving cardio-vascular health gets more blood to all the right places and that is especially important when you need certain body parts engorged with blood. You get more stamina to perform all sorts of aerobic activities and getting winded in the middle of forming the Beast With Two Backs is a definite mood-killer.

[ad#longpost]However, while you workout to get sexy, you don’t feel all that sexy during your workout beside the giggling from some of the positions the Nautilus machine put you in. Most people get the byproducts of sex (sweat, sore muscles, lots of grunting) without the actual pleasure. So Carmen Electra, of Playboy and Baywatch fame, has put out Carmen Electra: Aerobic Striptease, exercise videos that will simulate your heart rate.

Before I go on, let me advise you that Carmen Electra does NOT get naked.

The two titles featured here, Vegas Strip and In the Bedroom, are more about building your confidence about your body and not about heavy duty exercise. So you see Carmen talking you through swaying your hips and running your hands suggestively over your body. So if you need to tone yourself up for some bedroom aerobics, these DVDs may be the way to go, especially if you need to exercise your self-confidence as well as your muscle groups.

However, this video does show that Ms. Electra isn’t the first one to develop this concept.

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