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It’s Bloggie Time Again…

Well, last year I was surprised as hell to learn that we won Best Kept Secret Weblog for the 2006 Bloggies. Had no idea such a thing was even possible for us to achieve. But we did, and that was thanks to all of you mad caffeinated weasels.

It’s time again…in fact, the nominations close on the 10th. So why not go for it again and see what happens, yes?

Here’s the link. From looking over their site, it looks like we’re eligible for the following categories:

Best American Weblog
Best Entertainment Weblog
Most Humorous Weblog
Best Writing of a Weblog
Best-Kept Secret Weblog
Weblog of the Year

Best Kept Secret, you say? Didn’t you guys already win that, you ask? Well, yeah. True enough. But there’s nothing in the rules that says we can’t get nominated for it again, honestly. And considering nobody’s pounding on our door giving me an offer so I can become a bloodless, spineless sell-out to some major corporation or something, I would say we’re still a pretty good secret. But that’s just my take on it. YMMV.

Nominate whoever you like for the rest of the categories. Hell, if you don’t think we’re worth nominating in those categories and some other site should go in instead, feel free. We just appreciate the thought.

P.S. Sorry the comments aren’t back yet. Apparently the only group of people to whom we’re not a secret anymore are the spammers. That’s why you might run into a 503 server error or two during the course of your day here. I’ve got the techies looking into it because I have no idea what the spambastards are up to now. So fun. Send help and espresso.