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Jeremy Clarkson vs. A Lot of Cars

Those of you familiar with Brit TV or especially the show Top Gear know Jeremy Clarkson. He writes and presents about lots of things, generally involving automobiles or going really, really fast. I just recently viewed his series Speed and found it both entertaining and hilariously daft. The latter was due to him doing some really crazy shit including a race between a downhill snow skier and Clarkson–in a car.

This montage is of nothing but Clarkson gleefully blowing shit up. Which is why we share it here. Siege will respect Clarkson if nothing else.

Update: Alas, the montage is gone: but enjoy Clarkson playing auto-skeet.

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  • Sir Clarkson, I raise my mug to you, and your laughably irresponsible budgeting department. Would that we all were so blessed.