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Aqua Teen Soundtrack Snippets (posted using the new BostonSafe plugin)

Please note: This JPEG is not a bomb

We’ve just been given word by Cartoon Network and Adult Swim1 that the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters Colon The Soundtrack2 will hit3 stores on April 10th4, with the movie5 itself appearing in cinemas6 on April 13th4.

You can find some samples7 by going here8.

Footnotes for the City of Boston:
1. These are networks and network subsidiaries. Not terrorists. In some cases, the two can be blurred, especially when it comes to the Lifetime Channel. But in this case, we can vouch for them.
2. This is a movie’s soundtrack, not a bomb.
3. This is a figure of speech, not a threat.
4. This is a release date, not a target date for some form of attack via any games or diversions from the 80s including but not limited to Lite Brite, Merlin or Stop Thief.
5. This is a reference to a movie, not a bomb. The kind of bombs that appear in American cinemas normally don’t kill anyone. Except for Pluto Nash, but that was an unsubstantiated report in Cleveland.
6. This is a generic reference to a location, not a bomb.
7. These are MP3s, not bombs, despite what the RIAA would have you believe.
8. This is a link to a website. It is not a bomb.
Now that you have read these footnotes, it’s time for the penguin on top of your television set to explode. That was a Monty Python reference, incidentally. And not a bomb.

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