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  • Wow, you totally snubbed “Dexter”, which was easily the best show to hit TV last year. Fortunately for you Dexter’s not one to hold a grudge.

  • I did what I could, Hieb. :) If the rest of the staff were like me, it was half-way through its run before they knew about it. I had to catch what little i could at someone else’s place, as I don’t have Showtime.

    Fantastic stuff, though. I’m looking forward to Season 2.

  • Well, there’s always hope for next year’s Chazzie’s. Fortunately I managed to get in on the ground floor with Dexter, as I had read buzz about it and my girlfriend managed to DVR the first one. Too bad the show hasn’t been recognized more.

    Anyway, I agree with a lot of the other picks, and am happy to see The Fountain getting its due on the list.