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More Mind of Mencia: We Don’t Mind It, Really

Mind of Mencia Season 2 DVD

First up. Apparently it’s the new YouTube gig to post videos of people supposedly ripping off other people in their stand-up bits. It’s happening to Dane Cook, and it’s happened to Mencia. I’ve only seen one bit that I thought was close enough to be called plagiarism. You listen and see enough comedy during your life, something will come back around again and you’ll do a bit and not remember that it’s not entirely original. Hell, recently I made a crack in the Gabfest that was a variation on a Sam Kinison bit. I was hoping that getting called out on that might lead to more Net-fame for yours truly, but no dice. Anyway, I don’t know what the big deal is: I write fiction and I’ve written a couple of things only to find something remarkably similar to them later on. Not close enough to get called out for it (nor to gain the infamy associated with that, which is better than the non-famy I have right now), but I’m just saying. This is life. Your life and your thoughts are sadly similar to a lot of other people’s thoughts, which is a good thing. Otherwise, how in the hell would any creative person be able to make anything that you could relate to?

Okay, rant ends. What were we doing? Oh, right, this DVD. Comedy Central and Paramount have come out with the Uncensored DVD of Mencia’s second season. Many people have thought he has declined since the first season, and some people who I know were aware of him before his show thought the first season wasn’t stellar either. I dunno, call me crazy, but I thought the first season was pretty damn funny. Does the second season hold up? Mostly. The bits that are great are really, really great: I enjoyed the hell out of the Kanye West video and the Cheech Marin bit sending up The Sopranos was hilarious. And yes, there’s some fluff in here, but it’s relatively worthy all the same.

Fourteen episodes are included, and it comes with bloopers, deleted scenes, alternate scenes, and a Q&A session with the audience. Fans are going to want to snag it, but if you watched the show when it aired, you might want to at least give it a quick rental for the extra bits.

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