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Saturday Morning Redux: Recreations of Retro Gold

Ah, Saturday mornings. Remember how cool they used to be? Well, if you’re my age you do. If you’re a lot younger than me, then…well, keep reading and you might learn something.

Back in the day (Wednesday), there was a weekly ritual that we all looked forward to. None of this cartoons seven days a week or networks dedicated to cartoons or DVDs of any cartoon you wanted or YouTube filled with cartoons on demand nonsense–no. Oh sure, you could get up at 6:30am on weekdays and catch Robotech and they did show Looney Tunes in the afternoons sometimes but you got one shot at a serious toon fix: each Saturday morning. And you’d flip around the three networks watching stuff until live action crap or sports started around noonish. Only then would you go outside or do something else. In fact, we used to look forward to the announcement of the new Saturday morning schedule in the same way that today we wait to see if Law & Order has been renewed again. Or something.

Regardless, Saturday Morning Blog has posted two “Saturday Morning Recreated” bits, where they used the magic of YouTube to try and put together a taste of what those mornings were like. Attempt #1 is here and Attempt #2 is here. Enjoy.