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Free Idea: Defenestration Unlimited

Folks, I’m on the phone with Ken right now and we’ve had a genius idea. But because neither of us have any time on our hands–but we do want to see this happen–we’re throwing this out to you, the rabid weasels who read the site.

It’s a company that sells one replacement window, built to spec, that swaps out with a regular window. In this window, however, you have sugar glass (the kind they use for fight scenes in movies, natch).

Why would you want this, you might ask.

So every time you have a party at your house, somebody gets thrown out the window. And everybody who knows the gag will watch the faces of those who don’t, just to see their reactions. And then, you sell big packs of replacement sugar glass so you’re all set for the next party.


It’s genius. You know it. Now get on it.