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The Adventures of God-Jesus and the Cyberama Seven!

God-Jesus toy robot

Neatorama (click the link for the full pic) posted this Japanese toy from the 80s, which apparently worked a lot like an Eight Ball for answering questions, except…um, I don’t know the God of Robots answered or…the robot smacked you with his cross…or…okay, we have no idea what this is all about.

What few people know, though, is that this was a tie-in to God-Jesus and the Cyberama Seven, in which the second coming was a robot, and the cybertronic savior did battle with various flying killer tortoises and huge insects and resurrected dinosaurs, all of whom were trying to plant fossils in the ground to muck with the heads of scientists and make them think the Earth was older than six thousand years. An animated show, it ran only three episodes and aired only once. But goddamn, it was amazing. No pun intended.

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