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Clerks 2: General Master Shake Himself Commands You to See It

In the biggest crossover since Superman fought Muhammad Ali and Jerry Reed helped out the Scooby Gang, Master Shake, star of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, enters the InActionViewAskewniverse and shills for Clerks 2. And for a reasonable price, as I understand it.

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  • That was good.

    Nice mention about Jerry Reed and Scooby Doo.

    One time, I ran Call of Cthulhu with the Scooby Gang and I actually made up a character sheet for special guest.

    Jerry Reed was awsome. He was equipped with a sawed off shotgun and drove a Trans Am

    I drew one up for Mama Cass. Even though she was fat she could out run Scooby.

    I know no one wants to know about my characters but too bad!