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Podcast Review: A Cool Idea in 5

“A Cool Idea in 5” is another interesting crafts/decorating/lifestyle vidcast, but this one is hosted by Jeanne Benedict of HGTV, so you know the quality will be higher and the ideas usable and interesting. Benedict is clever, creative, and realistic, not expecting you to do anything insanely intricate that will drive you crazy instead of enhancing your home or party. Her presentation is clear, and both the audio and video quality are great. They don’t come regularly enough for me, and the last couple of entries have instead been “Travel Picks” for Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, but maybe this is temporary, and the Cool Ideas will continue. Besides, there are over a dozen or so already in the can for your viewing pleasure that are timeless and still worth checking out.

Past episodes have shown you how to add star-designs to your buffet or party tables, a Girls’ Night Poker Party, how to make keen St. Patrick’s Day decor you can use that isn’t cheesy, scrapbooking ideas, and some tasty-looking crab salad savory eclairs that made me wish I eat meat.

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