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Froud’s Goblins: Now as Plush Toys

Froud Plush Goblins

FAO Schwarz has apparently taken Brian Froud’s Goblins (from his book) and turned them into plush toys. There’s the Kitchen Cerench Goblin, the Bimble Goblin, and the Mohawk Goblin (aka Scheer), who apparently is…

Accompanied at all times by the smell of burning plastic, Scheer disfigures and shaves the heads of children’s most expensive dolls. If caught in the act, he will lie, assuring the worried child that all the hair will grow back. It never, ever does.

I think I know some people who had a run-in with Scheer, although I could have sworn it was the Family Circus‘ “Not Me.” Anyway, these are exclusively available from FAO (and for $25 – $45, aren’t a bad deal). You can find them here.

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