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This Table Will Self-Destruct, But Not in a Britney Spears Sorta Way

This Table Will Self-Destruct

The art piece/thing to put large books on from Studio 1am known as “This Table Will Self-Destruct” I find endlessly appealing. Basically, each time someone orders a copy of the table, the table has one “pixel” of itself removed, so each copy is slowly becoming less and less what the original table looked like. No two tables, therefore, are the same.

From the site:

Following these set rules of self-destruction, the shape becomes more intricate as it diminishes. As a result, the project is a limited production, made only until the shape is no longer desirable.

Total pixels currently removed: 9

So first of all, it’s not just art–ordering one for yourself is like a strategy game. You have to balance the fact that it’s becoming less and less of a table with the fact that the price doesn’t go down by $5 a pixel, or anything like that. So at what point do you feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth?

Though in the end, wouldn’t it be worth $1200 to have something like three pixels sitting on your floor and get to tell your guests, “Like it? It’s my new table.”

Found via Inhabitat.