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An Alternate History of Chinese Science Fiction

Bei Ao Lan's The Stars My Destination (4653)

One of the interesting conditions of working in our secret underwater complex off the coast of Iowa is the area’s dimensional instability. Now it’s nowhere near as bad as the incident with the anti-Widgett, Wodgett and the noble sacrifice of Sammy the Sea Slug (may he rest in peace). However I can’t really comment since that was before my tenure.

Nowadays it’s mostly TV signals or bandwidth bleeding in from some other alternate reality. Just yesterday, Dindrane was watching some odd version of QVC with a line of men in shackles and a host gesturing to the cameraman to get a close-up on their teeth. Dindrane’s only comment was on how their Latin had degraded.

This popped up on my screen and I thought I should share it. In this dimension, the Celestial Empire of the Han is still going strong, yet certain events and works of literature seem to cross the Void and resonate in this timeline as they do here. As they say, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”