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The Wizarding Worlds of Harry Potter: Orlando’s Just Wild About Harry, Too

Potter Pals

Our dreams have finally come true: by 2009, we Muggles will be able to pretend to be wizards in the Harry Potter universe the Orlando way. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Universal Orlando Resort will be creating and opening “The Wizarding Worlds of Harry Potter” within their growing Islands of Adventure theme park. The timeline plans for 2009, or maybe before. The plans are to make the park “fully immersive,” and Rowling herself is said to become “terribly excited” when she saw the plans, and she plans to be an integral part of the creation of the park, which will cater to the sights, sounds, and smells of the world of Harry Potter. There will of course be rides, as well as plenty of opportunity to spend your galleons in restaurants and shops. Will it be exciting or will it somehow cheapen the world? Will the families of Dindrane, Roz, and Cosette be forced to relocate to Orlando to stave off the impoverishment of plane tickets? Only the next three years will tell.

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