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Saturday Morning 1975-6: The Lost Saucer and Other Retro Bits

Ruth Buzzi and Jim Nabors from The Lost Saucer

Saturday Morning Blog marches on, giving you both ABC’s and CBS’ lineups for Saturday Morning mayhem for 1975-1976.

Of particular interest to me was this, The Lost Saucer, starring Jim Nabors and Ruth Buzzi. Just because I love how the kid and the babysitter just say, “Oh hell, yes, let’s go have a close encounter!” Maybe it’s because Gomer Pyle was driving the spaceship. I have no idea.

So…is it just me, or are the Kroffts basically the kiddie version of Irwin Allen? Recycling and reswizzling sets, costumes, *cough* ideas and yet, you most people can’t help but enjoy them anyway? I dunno, though. This looks atrocious…

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