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Pink Floyd: The Wall: Goodness Knows He Didn’t Want a Lot

Amazingly enough, the entirety of Pink Floyd: The Wall on Google video. I love this movie and this album.

If you haven’t seen it, my advice is to see it with someone who has before. One someone, that is. If you see it with more than that, you’ll seek comfort in group laughter in places. And if you see it with someone who hasn’t seen it before, you’ll both be totally lost. Otherwise, just know it was the Feel Bad Movie of 1982.

While I was in The Frame, we could cover the whole freaking album. One of the craziest live stunts we ever pulled was covering “Dogs” from Animals. All seventeen minutes of it. I think at one point we had a friend carry a small stuffed pig, dangling from a fishing pole, through the audience. Those were the days.

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Found via VideoSift.

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