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July’s Mystery Box is Brought To You By Toy Vault!

Toy Vault logo

Well, we’re making history this month. The Mystery Box has been going on for years now. Each month, tons of you maniacs line up to win a box that’s filled with…well, that’s just it. You don’t even know what you’re winning. And yet…you enter anyway. Thus proving what contest-crazed whackjobs you all are. And we salute you.

However, July 2007 marks the first month that we here at Needcoffee HQ have had the decision as to what goes into the Mystery Box taken out of our hands. That’s right, instead, those fine madmen at Toy Vault have stepped in and sent us a box of mystery swag from their offices. Who is Toy Vault? Bah. Who is Toy Vault. The makers of fine Cthulhu plush toys, Godzilla plush toys, and tons more, that’s who.

Now…we’re not saying what’s in the box. The contents of this mystery box rest entirely in their hands. But if you win, know that you will win the Toy Vault Mystery Box, with swag handpicked from their base of operations.

Anyway, just thought you’d like to know. So go enter already.

And wander about the Toy Vault site once you’re done, why don’t you?