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Tim Baker, Maker of Badass Sculpted Bits

A prop book covered in shells by Tim Baker

Brass Goggles turns us onto the work of Tim Baker, who’s got many, many things we like. He’s apparently worked on gear based on the Narnia films, makeup for television, all kinds of wicked stuff. Here’s a sampling:

First up, check that out on the right there. Well, your right, my left. It’s one of four prop books he’s posted to his gallery. Honestly, Doc, doesn’t that look a helluva lot like the hardback Collected Alhzared you have down in the library? Wild.

Check out some more of Tim’s stuff after the break.

Oh look, it’s concept art that never made the cut for Pixar‘s Cars!

Tim Baker's foam latex animatronic puppet for Red Dog Film's 'Every Dog Has It's Day'

Sorry, we’re lying. It’s really an animatronic puppet he did Red Dog Film’s Every Dog Has It’s Day. But check this out: it’s a perfect replica of a Needcoffee staff meeting:

Tim Baker's 'Tonic' masks for Playstation

How did he know? Anyway, find more of his stuff here.